Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Card

Christmas is fast approaching……..the past few days, I was busy attending Christmas parties of friends and relatives.

The other day, I started rummaging through all my old things stored in my mom’s closet, and I found this…….

An old Christmas card given to me when I was in 2nd year high school, “I cannot remember the boy and sorry but I also cannot remember the feeling anymore!”…….hahhaha……My teenage self must have been horrified to receive it! Lol

As in, mega naka-Tagalog words pa sya……..with a condition, “ kailangan resfonce ha!”

I really had the fits laughing nonstop at the message in the card (to the giver, I’m really sorry I don’t mean to laugh at you pero nakakatawa naman talaga! Lol)……here’s a teaser;

“Minahal na mahal kita, kapag hindi kita makikita nalulungkot ako katulad ‘yong sound na Mis na Mis Kita, wag mong malimutan yong sulat ko sa’yo.”

I honestly cannot remember who gave me this, he must be from a higher grade or from a different section.

Oh God, Christmas really does bring lots of fun and laughter!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PBA Live!!!

Cebu City, Philippines

Aside from Boxing and Manny Pacquiao, there is another sport that can unite or divide the Filipino nation --- Basketball.

We are a country of basketball fanatics. Even the smallest village will have its own basketball court and almost all high school establishments will have one…..umm, I think the students might stage a rally if the school administration will not put up one! The most popular kids in school were the members of the basketball team especially the top scorers……as in, I have lots of memories of shouting my guts out during basketball tournaments back in my hometown.

Since grade school days (I was still 9yrs old and barely 4 feet when my never-ending love of the sport started), my top 2 teams were Alaska and San Miguel Beer… loyalties are in that order as well….meaning, mas luv ko ang Alaska and Coach Tim Cone! Hehehe

We shout, heckle, hurl insults at the other team……or else, mas magaling pa tayo sa Coach or Referees......hahahha..... Filipinos are definitely emotional when it comes to Basketball.

I used to splurge on PBA tickets (Philippine Basketball Association) way back in my university days, even if it means I have to eat instant noodles for a whole week just so I can afford to watch it live at the Pasay Astrodome (di pa sa Araneta ang venue nung time na yun! Hahahaha…..that long ago it was!).

Weeks before my trip home, I started browsing already for the PBA regional schedule and really prayed hard that they will have a Cebu sked and yes, we were lucky!!! They have a game scheduled in Cebu and the teams playing are Coca-Cola versus my other favorite, San Miguel Beer!

I took my parents with me to watch the game from courtside…..para mas malapit talaga! Hahaha

The Beermen totally dominated the game with the other team even trailing by at least 20 points. Feel na feel ko talaga!
My mom had the time of her life, mega shy pa sya but I was able to prod her on to have a picture taken with SMB player, Lordy Tugade…….ipa-print daw nya at ilagay sa office desk nya! Hahaha

Of course, I must have a photo taken with the man of the hour, Dondon Hontiveros (my brother Dennis’ favorite PBA player) who received his 5,000th points also that night. But I failed to have a photo with my favorite Olsen Racela (unbelievable how great he still is! I mean, he was already a top player during my college days!). Next time talaga, I hope he doesn’t retire yet! Hahaha

Another thing that we usually check out are the player’s shoes……they always have the best-looking shoes! Siempre, they have lots of sponsors who supply them with the latest IT shoes!
Oh well, till the next game……..I hope I can watch Alaska Milkmen this time around…..

Praying at the Basilica Minore

Cebu City, Philippines

A trip to Cebu always starts or ends with a visit to the Basilica Minor del Santo Niño located in Osmena St, at the heart of the old district of Colon.

My father is a devotee of the Santo Niño hence as far as I can remember our stays in Cebu were always punctuated with praying and hearing mass at the Basilica every Fridays --- without fail. We always line up early (this time around even if I arrived just the day before I had to wake up at 6am to line up ahead of the pack. No excuses!).

A familiar sight greeted me at the entrance to the church --- old ladies wearing yellow and red (I think it’s a uniform of some sort) waving candles in the air and singing hymns. You can give them some coins for the candles and they will kindly light it for you and pray to the Santo Niño. But most of them are devotees who religiously go to the church every day to pray.

There are stalls outside the church selling Santo Niño sculptures and prayer books. You can also get a bouquet of fresh flowers from nearby vendors who go there early every day.

The 16th century old Basilica is the most important Catholic church in Cebu and is also the site of the famous Sinulog Festival held every 3rd Saturday of January.

If you are anywhere near Cebu City during the Sinulog, beware…….there’s like gazillions of people participating or watching the parades……and the Cebuanos party nonstop for a whole week….. I remembered going to Fuente Osmena (this is where the pre-event action is --- its like a mini-fair with night concerts, shops, restos, and open bars!) with a cousin and between the two of us finished off 3 bottles of GSM Blue and cannot even remember how I got home in one piece!

If you really want to discover Cebu, there is no better place to start than at the Basilica --- at the core of every Cebuano’s heart is its deep tradition of piety and religiosity.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flight Home....

Male-Colombo-Kuala Lumpur-Kota Kinabalu-Cebu

The flight I got on for my flight back home was really loooong…….from Male, we flew to Colombo and made a stop-over (it was only for 30 minutes so there was no need for us to get down from the plane) before going to Kuala Lumpur. We left at 10:20pm, 18th November and arrived in KL the following morning at 7:05am. We had to get off KLIA for awhile coz we have to change planes and again, we have to check in at 8:55am for our 9:40am flight. It was another code-sharing flight so we have to go via Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia.

I heard from friends that the place is really awesome. Since we had a 1-hour layover, I went over to the bookshop to get some travel brochures and postcards……hmmm, just revving myself up for a possible trip later next year, maybe? Hehehe

I arrived at 3:05pm at the Mactan International Airport in Cebu City, it was a long 16-hour trip with multiple stops but my stomach was really really FULL!!! Lol……coz they always feed you in every leg! And what’s so interesting is that, in every stop they serve in a different packet or serving plate, merong naka styro-foam pack....then in an aluminum foil + plastic pack....then in a colorful plastic box like this one.....

My welcome to Cebu was a little drizzle and horrendous traffic……